Mario vs Luigi: Who is Older and Why Does it Matter?

Mario and Luigi are two of the most iconic and beloved video game characters of all time. They have starred in countless games, from platformers to RPGs, from racing to sports, and from puzzles to party games. They have also appeared in movies, cartoons, comics, and merchandise. But despite their popularity and fame, there is one question that still puzzles many fans: who is older, Mario or Luigi?

The Case for Mario Being Older

The most common and widely accepted answer is that Mario is older than Luigi. This is based on several factors, such as:
Mario’s name and appearance. Mario is the first and main protagonist of the series, and his name is also the title of most of the games. He is usually depicted as having a rounder and more mature face, a thicker mustache, and a deeper voice than Luigi. He also wears red, which is often associated with leadership and authority.
Mario’s role and status. Mario is usually the one who saves the day, rescues the princess, and defeats the villain. He is also the leader of the group, and the one who makes the decisions and gives the orders. He is respected and admired by many characters, such as Toad, Yoshi, and Peach. He is also more skilled and experienced in various fields, such as plumbing, carpentry, medicine, and sports.
Mario’s origin and history. According to some sources, such as the instruction manual of Super Mario Bros. and the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, Mario and Luigi are originally from Brooklyn, New York, and they were transported to the Mushroom Kingdom by a warp pipe. In these versions, Mario is clearly older than Luigi, as he is the one who taught him how to be a plumber and took him on his first adventure. In other sources, such as Yoshi’s Island and Partners in Time, Mario and Luigi are born in the Mushroom Kingdom, and they are twins. However, even in these versions, Mario is still referred to as the older one, as he was the first to be delivered by the stork.
Mario’s personality and behavior. Mario is generally portrayed as brave, confident, cheerful, and optimistic. He is not afraid of challenges or dangers, and he always tries his best to overcome them. He is also loyal, friendly, and generous, and he cares deeply for his friends and family. He is not easily angered or annoyed, and he rarely shows any negative emotions. He is also humble and modest, and he does not boast or brag about his achievements.


The Case for Luigi Being Older

While Mario being older is the most popular and accepted answer, there are some fans who argue that Luigi is actually older than Mario. This is based on some factors, such as:
Luigi’s name and appearance. Luigi is derived from the Italian name “Luigi”, which means “famous warrior”. This could imply that Luigi has more potential and talent than Mario, and that he is destined for greatness. He is also taller and thinner than Mario, which could suggest that he is older and more developed. He also wears green, which is often associated with growth and wisdom.
Luigi’s role and status. Luigi is usually the second player or the sidekick of Mario, and he often follows his lead and supports him. However, this does not mean that he is inferior or less important than Mario. In fact, Luigi has proven himself to be a capable and independent hero on several occasions, such as in Luigi’s Mansion, Super Luigi U, and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He has also saved Mario from trouble more than once, such as in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Paper Mario. He is also admired and loved by many characters, such as Daisy, E. Gadd, and the Toads. He is also skilled and talented in various fields, such as ghost hunting, treasure hunting, and dancing.
Luigi’s origin and history. According to some sources, such as the Super Mario Bros. movie and the Super Mario World TV show, Luigi is the older brother of Mario, and he is the one who raised him and taught him everything he knows. In these versions, Luigi is more responsible and mature than Mario, and he often acts as his voice of reason and conscience. In other sources, such as Yoshi’s Island and Partners in Time, Luigi is the younger twin of Mario, but he is still older by a few minutes, as he was the second to be delivered by the stork.
Luigi’s personality and behavior. Luigi is generally portrayed as timid, nervous, shy, and insecure. He is often afraid of ghosts, heights, darkness, and other things, and he sometimes hesitates or runs away from danger. He is also easily jealous, envious, and annoyed, and he sometimes shows resentment or frustration towards Mario. However, he is also kind, gentle, compassionate, and polite, and he always tries to help others in need. He is also brave, determined, and loyal, and he always follows Mario no matter what. He is also humble and modest, and he does not seek fame or glory.

Why Does it Matter?

The question of who is older, Mario or Luigi, may seem trivial or irrelevant, but it actually has some significance and implications for the series and the fans. Knowing who is older can help us understand the brothers’ relationship and dynamics, their motivations and goals, their strengths and weaknesses, and their growth and development. It can also help us appreciate their differences and similarities, their conflicts and cooperations, their rivalries and friendships, and their individuality and unity. It can also inspire us to relate to them, to empathize with them, and to learn from them.






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